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No more dropped caps, lost caps, tank dings or gas on your seat. Watch the video.

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9 reviews for Gas Kap Keeper

  1. Paul Stanley

    One fine magnet for gas caps. I have had a lot of products over my 50+ years of riding. But guys you have hit a home run with this….

  2. cjcycle

    What a brilliant idea. Wish I would of thought of it!

  3. Jarod Ramses

    Love the Gas kap keeper!!! Thank you guys!!!

  4. Chief 6768

    Bought one at Leesburg Bikefest.Just bought another for the wife’s. What a great invention,It really works.

  5. Jeff

    How does the magnet mount to the cap? I have the H D detachable rack as shown on your site……. What is the Minimum size your RickRac will collapse to and still fit the H D Removable Rack as shown on your site? The bag I have is 19″ x 14″. The plastic insert in the bottom of my bag is 13″ x 9 1/2″ where I am assuming your Rack will bolt to?

    • Shane Riffel

      The Gas Kap Keeper is held on with 3m tape. The Rickrak for the King Detachable 2 up is only adjustable to fit different size racks, The part where the bag bolts to does not adjust. Your bag mounted would show a little bit of our rickrak on each side sticking out. Not a bad look though, it would work. I would recommend the Rickrak Top-Dekk II bag. It works perfect and was designed to work around our Rickrak. You can use your own bag or many others will work too. Any questions please call me. Shane 716-969-1694

  6. Richard Vadocz

    Great product! I got 2 for the price of 1 all the way over here in Australia. It works a treat! I love it! Simple idea well executed. The magnet is small so it doesn’t interfere with anything yet it sits flush with the handle so it works well.

  7. Jarod Ramses

    Love the Gas kap keeper!!! Thank you guys!!!

    • Shane Riffel

      Very Cool, Glad you Love it!!! Please share with all your friends.

  8. butch buttrum

    nice held great. Got mine from doug

  9. Tyler

    LOVE THIS!!!

    • rickrak

      Thanks Tyler, Glad you love your RICKRAK GAS KAP KEEPER!!! RIDE SAFE!!!

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