RickRak for King HD Two-Up Detachable Luggage Rack

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The RickRak quick attach for the King H-D Detachable Two-Up luggage rack. No more straps or bungee cords needed!! You can now travel in style with your Street Glide or Roadglide and have a bag that actually looks good on your bike and yet has the room of a Tour-Pak. No need to spend a ton of money on a Tour-Pak anymore. Now when you get to your hotel after riding in you can just unclamp your bag, pop off your luggage rack and cruise in style all week and look cool doing it. RickRak.com has all the answers for your touring needs. If you have your own bag perfect……You can mount your bag to our Rickrak quick attach or if you like, one of our bags. It will be shipped to you ready to put on your bike and hit the open road!!

  • LOCKABLE.. your tour bag can be easily locked to your luggage rack, preventing theft
  • Quickly and securely attaches your Tour Bag to the luggage rack on your Tour Pak
  • No straps required
  • BONUS! Choose a bag with your RickRak and we’ll install it FREE! You will receive a complete turn-key set and all you have to do is put it on your bike! No Installation required!
  • Protected contact areas won’t harm surfaces
  • Hardware included for attaching your Tour Bag or other items to the RickRak
  • Durable black powder coated surfaces
You have the option of RickRak only, or you can add a Bag to your RickRak.

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    Add a Two - Up Rack to your bike (optional)

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    • 249.95 $
    • 249.95 $


    • 179.95 $
    • 179.95 $

    Add a Lock / Installation Hole Punch / Luggage Lock.

    The hole punch/drill bit makes nice clean holes in which to mount your RickRak to the bottom of your existing bag.

    • 14.95 $
    • 10 $
    • 9.99 $


    • 269.95 $
    • 229.95 $

    Add a Two - Up Rack to your bike (optional)

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    • 249.95 $
    • 249.95 $


    • 179.95 $
    • 179.95 $

    Add a Lock for your RickRak. You can also add a Luggage Lock for your bag.

    • 14.95 $
    • 9.99 $

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for RickRak for King HD Two-Up Detachable Luggage Rack

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Garmon

    I love mine! Fits like they said it would.

  2. DJ fragale

    Will this work with the luggage racks with the brake light

    • Shane Riffel

      This will not work for the little detachable air wing 2 up luggage rack. you need the king 2 up detachable luggage rack. https://www.rickrak.com/product/two-up-rack/ call shane with any questions, 716-969-1694

  3. Chris

    Will it work on luggage rack harley part number 50300042A?

    • Shane Riffel

      We have put our Rickrak on this HD rack before, it holds it up at an angle because the kick up on the back. Honestly I would recommend the King Detchable 2 up, it does work much better. Call Shane With any questions: 716-969-1694

  4. Vonda

    Hi, will this rack fit a Motherwell solo mount? I only travel w/a solo seat. Also, if you have a rack to fit a solo which luggage do you recommend? TIA, Vonda

  5. Matt

    Will the two up detachable luggage rack fit on HD Part Number 53011-98?

    • Shane Riffel

      We have found the best HD rack that works for the Rickrak 2 up is the detachable 2-up Rack. Part# 50300054A comes in black or chrome. That harley rack is a pretty heavy duty rack and works great!! call me if you have any questions. Shane 716-969-1694

  6. Joaquin

    I have a 2014 Harley Street Glide Special, but no luggage rack just a Harley quick release passenger back rest, what luggage rack do I need to buy to install a RickRack two up detachable luggage rack?

    • Shane Riffel

      you would need:
      and just the Rickrak or The Rickrak with Top-Dekk II bag, if you don’t have a bag already. If you are mounting a Rickrak to your own bag I would recommend getting the hole punch to make drilling the holes in your bag easier. https://www.rickrak.com/product/rickrak-king-hd/
      RickRak with Bag
      Top Dekk II + $259.95
      RickRak Lock + $14.95
      please call with any questions, Thanks, Shane 716-969-1694

  7. J.J.

    Will this fit 2004 two up rack?

    • Shane Riffel

      Do you know the part number by chance? Our rickrak two up rack is adjustable, I have different length feet and the clamp side is also adjustable with different mounting holes. Call me if you need, Thanks, Shane

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